John Deere PowrSpray – filling system


PowrSpray features two hydraulically-driven centrifugal pumps, the first fills the sprayer at up to 1200 litres/min, while the second, a 1000 litre/min spraying pump, has Direct Rate Control for fast changes of application rate and the highest spraying accuracy. For high specification R900i Series trailed sprayers.

Item Features

Manufacturer Tank filling, Standard
City Deere & Company
Country Moline, Illinois
Number of Employees 251-+
Cropping Systems Arable Crops, Open field vegetables
Operation Type Plant Protection Product application
Effects Mitigate diffuse sources of pollutions (ex : all kinds of Drift Reducing Technologies: recycling panels, nozzles innovation, adjuvants, sprayer’s architecture)
Technology Type Component
Crop Sprayer Types Horizontal boom sprayers
TRL TRL 9 – Full commercial platform
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