Less PPP loss with tunnel sprayers


Tunnel Sprayer Recovery Drift with the “droplet splitter” system in the first development stages allows to recover up to 70-80% of distributed product, guaranteeing a good distribution similar to that of a good conventional aeroconvection sprayer

Item Features

Manufacturer Gianfrancor Pergher
Country Italy
Cropping Systems Orchards & Vineyards
Operation Type Plant Protection Product application
Effects Optimize the precision of spraying (ex : Tools for sprayer adjustment, Spraying performance assessment, etc.) Mitigate diffuse sources of pollutions (ex : all kinds of Drift Reducing Technologies: recycling panels, nozzles innovation, adjuvants, sprayer’s architecture)
Crop Sprayer Types Sprayers for bush and tree crops
Website https://www.informatoreagrario.it/
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